The trademark "US India Strategic Partnership Forum" has been licensed by USIN Foundation from US India Strategic Partnership Forum, Inc.


USIN Foundation is hiring! The US-India Strategic Partnership is a new organization established in August 2017 by U.S. Fortune 500 CEOs and business leaders committed to furthering the U.S.-India relationship. USIN Foundation is looking for:

Location: New Delhi

At USIN Foundation, we have a growing team dedicated to strengthening U.S.-India business and strategic relations. We advance this partnership by:

  • Strengthening existing trade relations
  • Identifying new business opportunities for companies in both countries
  • Fostering collaboration in the areas of technology, education, and innovation
  • Developing closer legislative ties between Capitol Hill and Parliament House
  • Promoting regional economic development and establishing partnerships between states and businesses

If you are excited about USIN Foundation’s mission and have the expertise to support our goals of driving economic growth, entrepreneurship, employment-creation, innovation, and inclusion collaboratively for India and the U.S., then we would like to hear from you.

USIN Foundation has two locations - New Delhi and Mumbai.