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About Us

About Us

The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USIN Foundation) is a non-profit organization, with the primary objective of strengthening the U.S.-India bilateral and strategic partnership.

The Executive Board came together in 2017 to establish USIN Foundation with the purpose of enabling business and governments to collaborate…and create meaningful opportunities that can positively change the lives of citizens. The formation of USIN Foundation signals a new chapter in U.S.-India relations. Dedicated to strengthening economic and commercial ties, USIN Foundation plays a significant role in fostering a robust and dynamic relationship between the two countries through policy advocacy that will lead to driving economic growth, entrepreneurship, employment-creation, and innovation to create a more inclusive society.

To achieve these goals, USIN Foundation works closely together with businesses and government leaders, both at the local as well as federal levels. We work to educate government leaders and lawmakers in both countries on issues relating to the U.S.-India commercial and strategic partnership. With regard to Corporate Social Responsibility, we work with businesses, NGOs and independent organizations to enable inclusive growth and enhance long-term development goals.

USIN Foundation has an established presence across both countries, with teams in Mumbai and New Delhi.

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